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The Conkle Brothers

Joseph and Zachary Conkle of The Conkle Brothers, are an acoustic duo from Columbiana Ohio with a sound grown from a foundation in classic rock and country, several years of training under the contemporary christian church, and a brief hiatus to the Rocky Mountains. Join them at a live show to hear a life time worth of experience that gone into the crafting of the Conkle Brothers sound.

Kerri Harrington
Kerri Harrinton is a worship leader and singer-songwriter with over twenty years' experience playing in various venues from churches, prisons, and music festivals. She is the lead vocalist and founding member of the melodic rock band Athanasia. 
Kerri's music style is blend of classical mixed with rock, electronica and a side of blues to create sound that is ethereal and passionate. Kerri's heart and calling is to create songs for the nations, bring hope to those who are in the dark night of their soul and for every single person to encounter the burning heart of Jesus and His love for them.  

Bobby Blaze

Bobby Blaze has been a dynamic and independent artist for well over a decade. His versatility and talent combined with his intellectually acrobatic word play has his style labeled as "the next stage of musical evolution" says A&R Select. Blaze has preformed at countless house parties, clubs and private venues as well as opening for major international acts. With three solo records and various mixtapes complete, Blaze continues to evolve and raise the bar for lyrical content and urban melody.


Yusef Shelton Da First

Yusef Shelton Da First is a Pittsburgh originated artist who raps to ignite purpose in the hearts of all. He fluidly shares his heart and words to spark listeners and evoke change in their lives. 
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Local brothers performing a wide range of contemporary christian music and rock. Original group from Jesus Woodstock 2021. Erick, Ethan and Seth are well known for their heart of ministry and love for people. The have a unique style and can entertain any crowd!

Seek 1st



ALLISSA is an independent rock artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Formerly a solo artist with a pop-rock sound, ALLISSA is now backed by a band of rock musicians producing more angst-driven tones. The cutting vocals of front-woman Allissa Logsdon, now paired with melodic-rock guitar tones and classic rock drum beats, gives ALLISSA a truly unique and unparalleled sound.

The haunting melodies and vulnerably dark lyrics work together to expose the story of a painful past and reveal a message of hope to come. The imaginative lyrical narrative of each song is carefully woven together from real life stories, resulting in a high-energy, emotion-packed live show experience. Influenced by bands like Flyleaf, Evanescence and Paramore, ALLISSA’s pop influenced rock anthems are dramatic, edgy and authentic.



Caylea’s artistry is a unique blend of an R&B-Pop sound and lyrics that are drawn from deep issues in life, often inspired by her Christian faith. Her production style threads together heartfelt acoustic elements with traces of neo-soul and contemporary R&B landing on her head-bopping pop beats. In the fall of 2021, she signed to Lula Street Records, headed by friend and music industry veteran, Wisdom Moon. 

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Isaiah LaDuke & Band

The Table Church Worship is located in the Beaver Valley Mall. This church worship is comparable to Elevation Worship, Bethel and Maverick City. Isaiah has a gift for spontaneous worship. This type of worship is rarely seen in this region and we are delighted to host them for the second year. They are a gifted group of musicians who are able to create a spontaneous worship environment that is like nothing this area has ever seen!


Sound County Records

Sound County Records is a worship ministry-focused record label based in Beaver County, PA. While serving churches through worship ministry on a weekly basis, they also write, record, and produce multiple local artists who will share the stage this year. Sound County is excited to bring a fresh and eclectic sound to the main stage for worship at Jesus Woodstock 2022. 
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